Rapid. Seamless. Low-Cost.

Want to get your products to IoT marketplace faster? Look no further! We can help you connect the links between your devices to your Smart Home with complete and secure solutions.

Three Simple Steps

Contact our sales with your hardware Specification and SDK.

Integrate manufacture hardware into our device gateway and seamless merge into our mobile Apps.

Test and go marketplace quickly with our full spectrum services.

What we do ?

We offer comprehensive platform and flexible services to prompt manufactures IoT products to marketplace. We specialize in managing and connecting IoT enabled devices to the clouds. Our flexible system configuration enables our patterners seamlessly connect and communicate with third party services.

How can we provide that?

Built for large-scale capacity, FrndTech’s IoT Platform was architected from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive solution that would enable any device manufacturer to develop intelligent products and add reliable IoT services for their customers.

Offering all of the tools and premium services needed for a manufacturer to manage, provision, and analyze their Internet of Things deployment.

Reduce integration complexity, shorten the development time with our configurable and extensible framework to release the IoT power and impressive user experience.

Adopt and Support most industry populate protocols to provide any device to build and interoperation with other system.

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